Resources for Encouragement and Guidance: We are blessed to be in a culture that has access to an abundance of solid Biblical resources. We were planning to send out a couple of resources each week during the COVID-19 pandemic but instead we decided to post some of our favorite and most reliable sources for you to look through as you wish. Each of these websites has resources dedicated to discussing the COVID-19 situation and these links will take you directly to those resources. There are a variety of blogs, articles, videos, and podcasts for you to be strengthened and encouraged by. Please let us know if you have any specific questions about any of these resources. Blessings!

Association of Certified Biblical Counselors COVID-19 Resources

Biblical Counseling Coalition COVID-19 Resources

Christian Counseling & Education Foundation COVID-19 Resources

Kevin Carson's COVID-19 Resources

RPM Ministries COVID-19 Resources

Paul Tripp Ministries